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Hacking Climate Change 2020


Problem Statement #1 Winner: Team 6 from Carleton University made up of nine team members!

  1. Connor Brackley
  2. Jayson Bursill
  3. Mohammad Derakhti
  4. Saptak Dutta
  5. Brodie Hobson
  6. Seungyeon Hong
  7. Joshua Reinhart
  8. Adrian Soble
  9. Max St-Jacques

Problem Statement #2 Winner: Team 7 from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology made up of two team members!

  1. Kostiantyn Malynin
  2. Ramya Muppaneni

Thank you to all everyone who participated in this Hackathon, we received some amazing submissions! A special shoutout to our runner-up Jan Pierre Acido from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. 

IFMA (International Facilities Management Association), Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) and BGIS are pleased to announce a Hackathon open to Students attending a Canadian College or Technical institute. The purpose of this first annual "Hacking Climate Change" Hackathon is to accelerate progress in the fight against climate change.

How will you help change the way we work in Facilities Management and at BGIS? Do you have an idea that you believe can lower a business carbon footprint? If so, this may your opportunity to bring this idea to life.

Any registered Canadian post-secondary student is eligible to participate. You can submit as part of a group or individually. It’s up to you!

TWO $5,000 cash prizes will be awarded to the top winning solution of each question. The challenge questions will be issued on February 7, 2020, kicking off the virtual event; participating teams can choose to respond to either question.

Perhaps you’re looking for that extra edge up on your classmates in seeking a job opportunity out of school in your respective field of Facility Management? This event exposes participants to future employers and helps you learn more about the exciting career path of the Facilities Management Profession.

Special thank you to CICan for supporting the promotion of this event into post-secondary institutions across Canada. 




Team Registrations Due January 31, 2020
Questions / Problems Released February 7, 2020
Hackathon Begins! February 7-10, 2020
Proposals are due February 10, 2020 by 9:00 A.M. EST
Winners Announced

March 6, 2020