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The Data Center Industry and Recruitment

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Finding and retaining skilled employees in the Data Center industry continues to be difficult, with industry growth and the impact of the pandemic. According to a report by the Uptime Institute, global data center staff requirements for full-time employees will grow to 2.3 million in 2025. This report says: “This estimate includes more than 230 specialist job roles for different types and sizes of data centers, with varying criticality requirements, from design through operation.”

Demand will be strong for technical staff such as engineers in strategy and operations roles and positions in monitoring and controls.* People aren’t taking the traditional paths of the past, going to college or entering a trade, so it has become harder to attract and retain talent across many positions. Firms will also need to provide on-the-job training to help meet the demands of the industry.

Recruitment challenges compound when we consider how to engage across generations and drive more inclusion and diversity within organizations. A highly competitive marketplace also contributes to the challenge of attracting and retaining talent, from heavily populated data center hot spots to the hourly wage rates and incentives offered to join many different organizations. BGIS focuses on a culture of teamwork, high performance, and caring for our team members, customers, the environment and communities.

BGIS uses a programmatic approach to create resource plans for our Critical Environment programs concentrating on ensuring multiple facets are covered:

  1. The right level of coverage and skills to perform the work activities.
  2. Timely communication during shift changes.
  3. The right team leadership and support of the teams to perform with excellence, the approach we take ensures we are not overburdening our teams and causing work fatigue.

As an Employer of Choice, we have a culture that enables us to recruit top talent. We drive a long-term approach with our employees to significantly reduce turnover, by leveraging our succession planning program, career path development, training, and time-specific role-based training and competencies.

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*Uptime Institute. The people challenge: Global data center staffing forecast 2021-2025