As a global organization, both Diversity and Inclusion remain a top priority throughout all of our daily operations.

Having a diverse set of team members allows us to have a wide-range of perceptions and ideas brought to the table that enable innovation which lead to solutions, allowing us to excel in our industry. Inclusion isn’t just applied in its literal sense at BGIS; to us, inclusion means recognizing, valuing, and fully leveraging the diversity amongst our team members to its fullest potential. It’s celebrating and utilizing the differences within our team to take our operations and expertise to the next level.

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Supplier Diversity

BGIS believes supplier diversity is an important contributor to our corporate mission of ensuring that we are being inclusive in our supply chain practices. We achieve this goal by providing organizations, which are at minimum 51 percent owned, controlled and managed by historically underutilized groups, with an equal opportunity to become suppliers. Some of these groups include the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC) and most recently, Women Business Enterprises Canada (WBE Canada). Our supplier diversity process recognizes certified visible minority, indigenous, women and LGBTQ+ owned businesses. We also consider small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in our diversity process. We believe in the importance of supplier diversity as it encourages the growth of these suppliers, who often face challenges when their businesses are in their infancy stages. Not only will these partnerships benefit our nation’s economy, but they provide us with new perspectives and opportunities through their wide-ranging expertise, enabling us to continuously provide innovative services and products to our clients.

Recruiting Diversity

At BGIS, diversity and inclusion plays a large role in our success as a service-based organization. Because of our commitment and ability to look beyond race, creed, gender, disability, religion and sexual orientation, we afford ourselves the opportunity to attract and retain the best talent the corporate real estate (CRE) industry has to offer. We continue to maintain strong partnerships with COSTI, Indigenous Students Participating in Real Environments (INSPIRE), Indigenous Link and the Canadian Council for Rehabilitation at Work (CCRW), and are proud members of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI).

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Diversity & Inclusiveness Committee

To promote diversity and ensure inclusion within the organization and our industry, BGIS developed a Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee. Our proactive approach to engagement guarantees everyone is equally represented within our organization. The committee meets quarterly to discuss the ways in which BGIS can continue to support best practices within four unique groups of people; Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and women.

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of the workforce at BGIS is
comprised of women

In 2018 we were proud to see our gaps in the areas of women and visible minorities close, a testament to our organization’s commitment to having representation from the four designated groups.


of women hold management
positions at BGIS

Diversity Day

Diversity Day, an annual event created by the Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee, is celebrated by transforming BGIS’s head office cafeteria into a cultural oasis where team members bring in homemade foods unique to their country, dress in traditional clothing, and share information about their cultures, practices, and ways of life. An incredibly popular event amongst our team, at the organizational level, this day provides team members with the opportunity to share and learn about what makes BGIS unique.

Harmony Day

Harmony Day, hosted by BGIS’s team in Australia, is very similar to our Diversity Day event and celebrates culture and diversity in the workplace, instilling the message that ‘everyone belongs’. A pot luck lunch is hosted each year where team members of various cultural backgrounds gather at different offices across Australia bringing together foods that represent each team members’ unique cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

International Women's Day

BGIS is a big supporter of International Women’s Day, which is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, while also signifying a call to action for accelerating gender parity. 2018 marked the first year that BGIS took the festivities global and hosted celebrations across all of our regions. Most of our events featured a panel discussion hosted by our team members to bring together CRE industry members, business leaders, and experts, to discuss the value of mentorship and the role it plays throughout a person’s career path.

BGIS Veteran Programs

In 2017, BGIS introduced the “Hiring Our Heroes” program, an initiative led by the US Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit organization that hosts career fairs and summits throughout the US each year. BGIS also began a Corporate Fellowship Program, which takes an active service member before they transition out of service, and has them work with participating companies in a 12-week fellowship. After establishing this partnership, BGIS-US reached out to other national organizations including GI Jobs/Victory Media, Four Block, Wounded Warrior, and Marine for Life to continue the momentum. By weaving together BGIS with these events, it helped build upon our own veteran recruiting and branding efforts.

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