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Our Sectors

BGIS delivers services to a wide range of industry sectors globally and provides expertise to serve the current and future needs of our clients. With over 30 years of experience, our sector-specific solutions help companies and organizations excel with innovative and sustainable results.


At BGIS, we partner with leading healthcare facilities globally to enhance the patient care experience. Our in-house team of professional experts works closely with every client to implement innovative and technically-led solutions that reduce risk and cost, improve well-being and care, and provide 24/7 support.

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BGIS works closely with higher education facilities and understands the vital role that these institutions play within our communities to promote growth and development. We deliver integrated facilities services with a student-first approach that ensures student safety and the smooth operation of campus facilities to support all stakeholders, including faculty and staff.

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Government and Public Sector

BGIS is well versed in governmental, defence and judicial affairs and the unique and specific facilities needs of each. We provide integrated real estate services for numerous public sector organizations and within specialized facilities, including defence, law enforcement, high-value heritage assets, libraries and museums, courthouses and correctional centers.

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Oil, Gas and Resources

For over 20 years, BGIS has provided retail services to the oil and gas industry. Our highly-skilled professionals understand complex environments and stringent safety and risk compliance protocols, offering turnkey solutions for complete fuel facilities maintenance.

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Critical Environments

At BGIS, we support the broadest range of critical environment solutions in the real estate management industry. Our engineers, facility managers and technicians apply their expertise to optimize your business’ operational performance as we monitor and maintain your working environments to ensure safety while mitigating risks within your critical assets.

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Utilities and Infrastructure

Electricity, water and gas are essential infrastructures for any economy. At BGIS, we are a reliable partner who ensures that these services remain up and running. BGIS works closely with major regional hydroelectricity providers and national airlines. We also provide real estate services at logistics properties for key rail and road infrastructure.

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At BGIS, we are continually expanding our expertise in the ever-growing retail space. We play a pivotal role in the life-cycle management of assets for our retail clients by managing overall costs and ensuring a consistently positive experience for our retail clients’ customers. We provide services to big-box retailers, furniture retailers, cosmetic companies, consumables retailers, grocers and more.

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Financial Services

At BGIS, your business is our business. We focus on your ambitions and needs by offering integrated real estate solutions - so you can focus on what matters most. Our global experts apply their expertise to serve your retail, corporate, wealth management and capital markets locations.

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MediaComm & Technology

BGIS understands that telecom and media enterprises must be leaders in providing high-quality services that are delivered consistently, with no interruptions. Our technical capabilities support these needs through the delivery of our real estate solutions. We are nimble and can modify our services as requirements change in this highly dynamic sector.

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Careers at BGIS

At BGIS, the industry’s most talented professionals and change-makers are shaping the future of the real estate service industry.

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