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Facilities management services that go beyond keeping real estate operations up and running to optimize and drive your business forward.

There’s no challenge too big or small. Whether attending to day-to-day facility operations or worst-case scenarios, our facilities management professionals and technical services teams will keep you covered and help you plan ahead. Supported by our facility management centre of expertise, network of technicians, suppliers and vendors, remote command center, strategic sourcing specialists and financial management professionals, we are not only accountable and responsive, but also informed by leading-edge integrated software tools.

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Building Operations & Maintenance Management

Maintenance Strategy • Maintenance Planning & Scheduling • Preventative & Predictive Maintenance • 24/7/365 Operations Center • Financial Management & Reporting • Contracted Building Services

Businesses must always be in top form, ready to respond to their customers’ needs. We take care of the ongoing daily management of your properties ensuring everything runs optimally. Our in-house team of facility managers, building operators and technicians drastically reduce downtime by addressing potential problems even before they happen. We use proven predictive and preventative maintenance programs, and our 24/7/365 Operations Center is always there whenever you need us to receive and dispatch your service requests.

Our integrated technology platform – RealSuite – captures everything from building and equipment data to inspection results; service requests to preventative maintenance work orders;  capital and operational plans to project tracking and management; providing full operational management and reporting for your owned and leased locations. Our proven approaches mitigate risk, optimize asset life cycles and reduce your total cost of operations.

Maintenance Management

Technical Services

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Technical Services

Maintenance & Repair • Program Roll-Outs • Turnkey Installations (Assess, Engineer, Install) • 24/7/365 Customer Service & Operations Center

We directly perform technical services at our client’s locations using our own, in-house personnel. In the case of subcontracted services, we closely manage each contractor’s performance, leveraging the expertise, infrastructure and processes we’ve learned and developed by actually performing this work at thousands of locations ourselves.

With over 1,400 technicians and building operators, including over 450 multi-skilled and licensed mobile specialists located across North America, our in-house technical services team can handle any challenge that comes our way, quickly scaling up or down based on your specific portfolio requirements. And because our network is so spread out, you can be confident that we’ll always have a technician nearby, which means faster response times at a lower cost to you. With 7x24x365 customer service, we’re available anytime to take care of any problems that arise. Most importantly, no matter what we’re taking care of, our work will never interrupt yours.

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Building Automation & Remote Connectivity

Remote Command Center • 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring • Triage and Dispatch • Reporting • Portfolio Benchmarking • BAS Optimization

With our Remote Command Center, we keep eyes on your facilities 24/7 to provide continuous monitoring and immediate support, so you’re always in control of your buildings and better prepared if a situation arises. Through the Command Center, we connect directly into your buildings’ automation system, allowing our Facility Technical Specialists and Energy Engineers to triage any situation remotely and dispatch the appropriate resources when events occur. From alarm monitoring and response, carbon emission reporting, regulatory and compliance monitoring, and more – we’ll make sure your buildings are running safe, compliant and optimized at all times.

Maintenance Management

Energy and Facility Services

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Energy & Facility Solutions

24/7 Dispatch Service • Contract Service • Meter Calibrations • Parts & Equipment Sales • Project Management • Fuel System Maintenance & Repair

We provide leading energy and facility solutions by offering maintenance and repair services to retail gas stations and private fuelling facilities across Ontario and Quebec. Our specialties include fuel handling equipment, pumps, control systems, point of sale systems, hoists, air compressors, price signs, card-locks, in pump secure payment systems, and other fuel station accessories. We offer a full range of on-site service options, including Measurement Canada Calibrations, after-hours emergency services, full facilities maintenance, and turnkey solutions for complete fuel facilities.

Our friendly and professional personnel have the knowledge and expertise required to ensure your facilities comply with TSSA, ESA, environmental, fire, safety and measurement regulations. With a goal to continuously advance and deliver the highest benchmark in terms of complete, reliable and state-of-the-art support of all on-site elements in the petroleum retailing environment, you can be confident that your facilities are always in good hands.

BGIS Energy & Facility Solutions provides maintenance and repair services to retail gas stations and private fueling facilities across Canada. We specialize in fuel handling equipment, pumps, control systems, point of sale systems, hoists, air compressors, price signs, card-locks, in pump secure payment systems, and other fuel station accessories.

Also, through our subsidiary, Cantest Solutions, we are proud to offer the most advanced and reliable third-party asset testing, calibration, reporting and management services in the petroleum industry. For more information visit Cantest Solutions.

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Critical Environments

Data Centers • Critical Environments Management • Critical Environments Due Diligence • Operations Management

Your Critical Environments are, in many ways, the lifeblood of your enterprise. They maintain customer connectivity, retain critical data, support communications and ensure that all your critical functions keep running, no matter what business you are in. As such, it is imperative to manage these environments with the level of care equal to their contribution to your business.

BGIS is unique in the facilities management industry, providing a full spectrum of services, including Operational and Condition assessments of your Critical Environments by our team, Commissioning Services and White and Grey Space Operations. Our specially trained consultants, engineers, facility managers and technicians understand how to optimize operational performance, contain costs and mitigate risks in data centers, telecom operating sites, trading floors, health care settings and any other critical environments. We rigorously monitor and maintain these environments, identifying potential disruptions before they happen. And when an issue does arise, our teams swiftly and precisely address the problem, reducing the risk of downtime and minimizing the effect on your operations.

BGIS has now grown to become one of the largest Data Center Operations (“DCO”) providers in North America for both grey space (Facilities Management) and white space (IT Operations).  With the acquisition of McKinstry Critical Facility Services, Critical Solutions Group (Commissioning) and, more recently, Schneider Electric’s Critical Facility Operations division BGIS has enhanced its portfolio of services across the lifecycle of your datacenter environment.  From planning to datacenter commissioning, through operations and ongoing project support, to decommissioning, BGIS has the most comprehensive suite of critical operations services in the industry.

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Procurement & Contracted Building Services

FM Strategic Sourcing / Procurement • Supply Chain Strategy & Planning • Subcontractor Management

It can take hundreds of contracted vendors to provide the services that a portfolio of buildings require each and every day. Our contracted services management approach includes rigorous qualification, sourcing, contracting, coordination and expenditure management systems and processes to ensure our clients benefit from our purchasing power and our delivery expertise. We ensure that we deliver cost-effective, reliable contracted services with the level of care that your organization expects. Our team administers hundreds of millions of dollars of contracted services annually, from front of house services (janitorial services, landscaping, snow removal, etc.) to highly technical building services (automation systems, elevator, etc.). This means that no matter how large or small the job is, our vendors will provide your business with the utmost responsiveness at the best cost.


financial management

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Financial Management & Reporting

Budgeting & Forecasting • Expenditure Tracking & Management • Financial Reporting • Audited Controls • Financial Analytics

Managing and reporting on millions of dollars of spend across thousands of locations and contractors requires systems, processes and people that will manage costs with precision, while withstanding the highest levels of scrutiny. Large real estate portfolios come with a lot of information that needs to be managed. With our approach, you don’t have to worry. Our financial management systems are audited and ready to meet your organization’s needs, finely-tuned to industry-leading facility management cost control processes. We analyze financial, location and vendor data using advanced business intelligence tools to ensure building expenses are what they should be and provide the insight and processes to course correct if needed.

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Front of House Services

Concierge & Reception • Mail Room • Meeting Room Management

If you want to run a world class operation, you need a strong support team to help you deliver a great impression, every day. With our versatile Front of House Services, we help protect your brand and ensure your customers and employees have positive, memorable experiences each and every day.

Front of house servicesFront of house services


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Public Private Partnerships (P3)

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) • Whole Life Asset Management (Life Cycle) • Energy Performance Management • Capital Improvement Project Delivery

We are well versed in the 24/7/365 world of P3’s and provide whole life-cycle solutions to the long term Operations & Maintenance (O&M) of high profile public facilities including: health care facilities, data centres, courthouses, detention centres, and public performance spaces. Our Service Delivery Teams are actively involved from the design and construction phase through to the transition into the O&M phase. We currently provide Facility Management Services for over 20 P3 projects globally.

Our strength in every aspect of Facility Management is what makes us unique, tailored and essential to these P3 operations. Our current best practices coupled with the extensive experience of onsite, local offsite, and corporate teams, ensures that these facilities are operated and maintained by team members who not only love what they do, but have the required skills best suited for the project at hand.

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