BGIS brings new ‘GoSpaces’ mobile app to the CRE industry
BGIS brings new ‘GoSpaces’ mobile app to the CRE industry
BGIS brings new ‘GoSpaces’ mobile app to the CRE industry

BGIS has launched a new workplace productivity and employee engagement mobile application for clients in the corporate real estate (CRE) industry called “GoSpaces”. The app encourages productive employee behaviors through gamification, which is then translated instantly into financial, environmental and wellness benefits in real-time. The app was jointly developed with Yoppworks, an innovative Canadian technology developer. 

In 2016, BGIS began asking ‘big thinking’ questions that really touched upon the key elements of BGIS’s principles and values, including:

  • How could BGIS drive progress towards sustainability faster?
  • How could we create more convenience for employees?
  • How could we get more crowdsourced feedback?
  • How could we translate feedback into analytics that creates proactive recommendations towards better facilities?
  • How could we have more FUN at work?  

BGIS’s goal was to create a solution that solved all of these questions in a fresh, innovative way. After months of research, collaboration and user acceptance testing, the GoSpaces app was born.                                                        

GoSpaces features include:

  • A reservation system (meeting rooms and bookable desks).
  • Allowing users to volunteer their dedicated workstation to a shared pool when they are not in the office (like AirBnB).
  • Challenges that promote employee behaviours in wellness, sustainable habits, and financial benefits (People/Planet/Profit). Points are assigned and compiled into a Leaderboard to encourage friendly competition.
  • Allowing users to create a service ticket, for example, workspace temperature complaints (instead of calling into a call center) and monitoring closure.
  • A user star feedback system that identifies issues and opportunities based on employee experience.
  • Inputs that are translated into analytics about premises which create insight for facility managers, allowing them to manage facilities with greater proactivity.

“Workplace Productivity and Employee Engagement have quickly risen to the top three issues of the C-Suite agenda, driven by the demand for the best and most talented employees. Organizations are in a war for talent – finding and retaining the best people, and making sure they create a ‘hackable’ workplace environment that increases their productivity in every way possible. Corporate pioneers like Google, Apple and Amazon figured this out early on, no longer making the concept for the radical few, it is mainstream, it is an expectation,” says Lorri Rowlandson, SVP, Strategy and Innovation.

The combination of practical and fun features creates a “stickiness” and makes it a one-stop shop for everything. The wide variety of features will allow one place for employees to experiment and expand in their participation within the app. A favorite feature of clients is the badges and challenges section, which helps encourage the behaviours of employees. These behaviours are translated into measurable benefits delivered by each individual employee, and show how they add up on a company wide basis. For example – if a person successfully achieves 25 paperless days in one month – this is automatically translated into the preservation of one tree. As a company, or as an individual, people will be able to receive reports on the amount of trees that have been saved and how much CO2 has been offset by their actions. The GoSpaces suggestion box allows users to suggest new workplace challenges that expand focus contribution in People, Profit and Planet, (Wellness, Financial, and Sustainability).

The GoSpaces app is available in all mobile formats – Android, IOS and Blackberry. While anyone can download the app, companies that want to participate will need to be set up before users can access and use.

The onboarding and setup of GoSpaces takes only 60 days, and includes setup with the employee directory, setup of the reservation system (rooms and seats), as well as the ability to create service tickets, and, of course, the competitive challenges. The pricing structure is a cost per square foot for unlimited users (the price is dependent on the number of square feet of a particular organization).

“This is an exciting time for real estate professionals. The work environment that we create and maintain plays a pivotal role in the attraction and retention of talent. Real estate is a central pillar of workplace culture. Workplaces are being designed as a destination for employees, and are a key driver of where employees want to work, and status as an employer of choice,” says Rowlandson.

To learn more about GoSpaces, you can visit or contact [email protected].


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