COVID-19 Update
COVID-19 Update
COVID-19 Update

Managing COVID-19

BGIS is committed to a culture of safety and well-being for our customers, our team members, our suppliers and our communities.  We are taking the COVID-19 pandemic extremely seriously and have enacted our BGIS Crisis Management Team.

The intent of this site is to provide our Clients and the industry with the most recent information related to BGIS’s preparedness regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, in an effort to share best practices and promote the health and well-being of our communities.

What are we doing within BGIS?

  • Established a strong governance framework for Pandemic Planning and Response, starting with an Infectious Disease Team in January 2020, reporting to the Global Crisis Management Team.  These two entities provide support to Global response teams and company executives, who direct the efforts of the organization in response.
  • Update and issue Infection Control Protocols, based upon the characteristics of the virus, which include direction on social distancing, self-screening, self-isolation after travel and contact with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases.  BGIS expects our vendors and contractors to adopt similar infection control requirements to ensure we are all aligned.
  • Vetting of vendor Pandemic Plans to ensure the  resiliency of our partners,  assessing the availability of staff, together with appropriate inventory levels of sanitization products and associated equipment to determine if additional service levels (including emergency operations) are required.
  • Benchmarking with other organizations on preparedness efforts, aligning in direction on social distancing, PPE, travel restrictions, infection control, self isolation practices and return to work.
  • Development of rigorous requirements for the disinfection of sites for vendors, based upon science and characteristics of the virus.
  • Continued assistance with the sourcing of additional product or personal protective equipment (PPE) as requested or as required.
  • Facilitating enhanced sanitization or security requests to enable continuity of our Client operations as needed.
  • Continual, focused communications to all Team Members regarding infection control requirements and safe operation / management of facilities.    
  • Addressing the well-being of our team members by providing regular communication updates and videos from our medical advisor, as well as answering individual questions as needed.  Providing numerous options for mental health support  
  • Establishment of a dedicated internal website to assist our Team Members in accessing the Pandemic Response requirements, FAQs, wellness resources, reference guides and educational videos.

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