The BGIS Memorable Customer Experience (MCE) Program!
The BGIS Memorable Customer Experience (MCE) Program!
The BGIS Memorable Customer Experience (MCE) Program!

BGIS launched the Memorable Customer Experience (MCE) program in 2016 to promote, encourage and reward BGIS Team Members to 'go the extra mile' for their customers. It's an opportunity to encourage everyone to think of ways to give their customers a 'memorable experience' when dealing with BGIS– one they would tell their friends and family about!

Through this program, BGIS Team Members are encouraged to always:

  1. PUT ourselves in the Customer’s shoes,
  2. FIND new ways to improve services, and,
  3. MAKE every interaction a memorable one

By sharing client success stories with Team Members across the globe we aim to inspire, to delight our clients and to create a culture in which providing memorable customer experiences becomes second nature.

MCE Spotlight:

Harry Jerome, a BGIS technician based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is an excellent example of a BGIS Team Member who has really embraced this program. He took the idea of putting himself in the customer's shoes to heart. After having had the run-around of voice-answering machines and speaking with unhelpful associates who couldn't provide him with help, Harry made it his personal mission to become more visible to customers. For him, this meant staying out of the “staff" passageways, service elevators, and break rooms, and spending more time walking around the halls with the tenant clients, eating lunch in the cafeteria, and taking the main elevators in the building he helps service.

This small action has increased the number of touch-points he has with customers each day. People recognize the BGIS logo on his shirt and feel comfortable coming up to him to ask about building issues they might have.

"The process of maintenance requests is still the same," says Harry, "but just being able to talk to someone and provide a smile, instead of fumbling around trying to find instructions helps some of our tenants feel like they've been heard and that we care about what they have to say."

Harry is a new addition to the BGIS team, and it's encouraging to see his excitement and ambassadorship of this program. His passion for adding a personal touch to his work has no doubt already left big impressions on those he's interacted with, and the butterfly effect is sure to spread. After all, kindness and care is contagious, and that's the goal of the Memorable Customer Experience Program!

"I want to personally thank Harry for being a great Ambassador for BGIS and for going the extra mile. It's the little things we do each day to make our customers feel special that keeps them happy and lets them know that BGIS cares," says Hicks.

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