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BGIS Cormant Secures Multiple TrellisTM Customers to Cormant DCIM Migration Projects

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BGIS Cormant Secures Multiple TrellisTM to Cormant DCIM Migration Projects

By Paul Goodison, VP Technology Infrastructure Solutions

For more than 18 years, BGIS Cormant has migrated customers to Cormant DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) from pretty much every DCIM solution out there, in some cases from solutions that don’t even exist anymore. I’m proud to say every customer we have migrated to Cormant-CS from a previous solution is still a customer today. Customers include a global bank that first used Cormant-CS in 2006.

As more customers contact us about migration possibilities, we hear concerns about every DCIM vendor's longevity. For example, some of these customers have already transitioned from ApertureTM to Trellis. So why is Cormant-CS the right solution? Why will we still deliver new versions in 10 years, 15 years, or 20 years? There are, of course, many answers to that question, but I think two are key:

  1. One of the benefits of being a part of the global BGIS group is that we have deep resources to support our customers. Still, more than that, BGIS uses Cormant-CS to deliver world-class Critical Environments infrastructure management to its customers. BGIS has a customer and business imperative to keep developing Cormant-CS.
  2. BGIS does not develop, manufacture or sell hardware. We do, however, create great software. I’ve said that I’d not want to build hardware, and I’m not surprised when I see hardware vendors develop and sell unprofitable commercial software products. The best DCIM solutions are 100% vendor & hardware agnostic. It’s a rare customer with a single vendor's hardware.

Cormant DCIM is easy to use, massively scalable, fast, efficient and configurable. Several Trellis customers have been surprised that in Cormant-CS, a report on tens of thousands of devices takes seconds to run, a data hall with hundreds of racks displays in a few seconds, and most users can use Cormant-CS with little to no training. In addition, Cormant-CS manages equipment in on-premise data centers, co-location sites, IoT locations, and even cloud servers.

We have a special offer for Trellis users. Please contact Patty Anderson, VP, Business Development Learn more about BGIS Critical Environment & Data Center Services.