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Utilizing Innovative IoT and AI technologies to drive sustainable data centers

AI Evoque

Utilizing Innovative IoT and AI to drive efficient data centers

How do you realize a 20% reduction in PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) or 200kW per hour in energy savings? This is an impressive result because data centers are among the most energy-intensive facilities. Evoque, a company specializing in digital infrastructure, partnered with BGIS to implement the Vigilent AI technology, providing cooling optimization tools for use, in all their US data centers.

In the first of a two-part video series, Evoque’s Sales Engineering Lead, Lael Hester speaks with President and CTO of Vigilent, Cliff Federspiel, to discuss in further detail how IoT sensors and AI control software help optimize cooling in data center facilities.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the series featuring Patty Anderson, VP Business Development, BGIS and the Evoque team discussing the implementation of these solutions and the achieved benefits in realized energy savings.

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