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BGIS enters Partner Agreement with Vigilent to bring greater value to our Clients

Vigilent Announcement

BGIS is pleased to announce a Partner Agreement with Vigilent!

Vigilent provides solutions that dynamically and automatically match facility cooling to IT load in real-time using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The System delivers immediate and measurable energy savings in overcooled facilities while increasing cooling availability by uncovering airflow problems and poorly performing cooling units. Improved cooling efficiency provides significant additional capacity and can transform the profitability of critical facilities. This solution also brings operational efficiencies to our BGIS site teams and Clients by providing comprehensive insight into the cooling systems' operation. To learn more information about Vigilent please visit their website

We’re excited to be able to bring this added value to our Clients while providing our site teams better support to operate their critical infrastructure. For more information on the Vigilent Solution and how it can benefit our Clients and teams, please reach out to Don Anderson (

The Vigilent Partner Agreement further solidifies BGIS’s approach to enabling our business with differentiated and value add technologies.