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BGIS featured as one of 30 fastest growing companies to watch in 2022

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A Trailblazer in Offering Disruptive and Impactful Integrated Solutions

In the modern world of accelerating technological advancements, every industry needs to leverage technology to be ahead of the race. Today, various companies are successfully tapping into the potential of technology to thrive in the fast-paced market. In addition, numerous of them are emerging in the market space to offer disruptive solutions that are focused on comprehensively fulfilling the clients’ evolving requirements. One such leading example of disruptive solution providers that successfully caters to its clients’ necessities is BGIS.

Focused on delivering disruptive business solutions for its clients through a culture of caring, innovation, and high-performance, BGIS Global Integrated Solutions functions with a rich engineering background and a commitment to sustainability and service excellence. Established in 1992, the company has its office locations in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

BGIS hails from an industry that has evolved significantly over the past 35 years, primarily driven by technology.

Gord Hicks | CEO

Rich Background of Commitments and Deliverables

As a technically-led global integrated facilities management, BGIS stands out in the crowd with its unique range of services and solutions. Owing to its rich background and commitments, the company ensures that its clients’ real estate assets are operating optimally with a data first approach to support the people who use them, delivering real results that drive their businesses forward. BGIS distinguishes itself with:

  • Its culture of caring
  • Its passion for Innovation
  • Its leadership in sustainability
  • Its integrity
  • Its commitment to health and safety

An array of Disruptive Services and Solutions

BGIS offers an array of disruptive services to its client. Its technical building services are highly advantageous. The company manages the most complex sophisticated types of real estate assets, with specialization in data centers and buildings with complex building systems, air conditioning, and maintenance needs. It manages a wide spectrum of real estate assets including retail, office, industrial, and critical environments such as data centers. Moreover, the company is one of the largest employers of technical services building services in North America.

BGIS excels in various aspects such as Facilities Management, Project Delivery, Critical Environments, Sustainability Services, and Workplace solutions. Although it is technically led, the company provides a wide spectrum of services, including interior design to allow its clients to create an optimally efficient ecosystem of building services. By approaching facilities management from an integrated perspective, BGIS strives to maximize cost savings, as well as the quality and safety of building operations.

A Recognized Industry Player

Owing to its impactful services and solutions, BGIS has been honored with several prestigious awards and recognition. For instance, the company’s Supplier Diversity Program was the winner of the prestigious CIPS Excellence in Procurement Award for Best Initiative to Build a Diverse Supply Base. Recently, in 2022, BGIS was recognized as one of the prestigious Supplier Innovation Award Winners.

BGIS has also been recognized for its record of health and safety and its record of client renewals (which is considered the best in the industry), including the number of actual innovations it implements for its clients per year. The company’s other recognitions include the saving it drives for the clients and its contribution towards sustainable operations. Moreover, BGIS has also received the top award for most ‘Innovative Use of Safety Technology’.

Not only has the company been rewarded for its result-driving services, but its leaders have also been awarded for their contributions to propelling BGIS and catering to the company’s mission and values. For instance, Gord Hicks, CEO of BGIS, has been voted ‘Greenest CEO’ several years in a row. Hicks has also received the ‘Order of Canada’ for his contribution and leadership in sustainability.

Triumphing through the Odds

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused vehement disturbances to the functioning of various sectors. It has posed a great challenge for several companies to maintain pace with emerging trends and scale their businesses. With that being told, most of the employees of BGIS were considered essential workers and were instrumental during the pandemic to support the health and safety of not just the building, but support building processes and procedures and governance. The company quickly developed and implemented new service offerings to help its clients. Its speed and adaptability—including its flat, entrepreneurial culture—greatly helped BGIS to respond and support its clients.

Consistent Strive for Excellence

To thrive within the competitive market domain, a company needs to incorporate various strategies and measures. It must inculcate high-performance culture, especially at the executive level. It should also maintain pace with frequent touchpoints, aligned with agile work principles. In addition, companies must manage by the outcomes, set action plans, measure and adjust according to them, while inspecting its expectations.

Having strategized and implemented similar measures to scale success, BGIS believes that success is founded on a diverse workplace with different strengths, skills, cultural backgrounds, and ideas. Its team brings a wide range of perspectives that enable innovation and change, leading us to excel in our industry.

At the helm, Hicks implements his leadership style, which serves as the success recipe for BGIS. Although it has doubled four times over the last 10 years, Hicks remains adamant that the company maintains its flat, decisive culture. BGIS does not entertain patience for the spin zone since it strives for actions—even if they are short-term actions, forward momentum is paramount.

Undisruptive Aim for Innovation

BGIS aims to continue focusing on its passion for innovation. It strives to work hard to stay aware of innovation and disruptive solutions while continuing to find ways to implement progressive solutions in a manner that makes a difference within 1-2 year horizons.

The company continues to grow and evolve its technical services—including diversification of services and driving consistency by geography. It is a boutique of disruptive offerings in its industry and comes constantly across clients that are wary of the traditional offerings. BGIS does not require to brag or over-market itself—its growth speaks volumes about why numerous clients not only choose the company, but renew and extend into lifetime customers. – Moreover, the clients adorn the company’s philosophy as well as its ability to deliver.

How to become one of the leading companies in the industry?

Our Engineering culture is at the heart of our success. We are closed-loop system thinkers, we make evidence/data-based decisions, drive ideas into outcomes that come naturally to us. Gord Hicks says– “Inspect what you Inspect”. We don't spin in the idea zone–we have a culture of implementation and operating efficiently. Ideas are easy – implementation is hard. Because we are a company of operators, we cross the threshold of ideas into action plans very very naturally. An idea is only half done unless it is implemented and working properly.

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