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BGIS Wins Top Award for Most Innovative Use of Safety Technology

Safest Employer 2021 W BKG

We have exciting news to share!

In BGIS, we continue to develop innovative ideas for managing workplace safety and protecting our team members. Building new technologies is a key element to our success. We had a unique opportunity to make a difference in safety performance by focusing on a significant proactive performance indicator. We all know that to truly measure safety performance, we need to assess the “precursors” or the “potentials” at the base of the safety pyramid. Focusing efforts on near miss and hazard recognition and reporting not only addresses causal factors of incidents and injuries but encourages our team members to continually identify risk. By changing team members’ mindset relating to safety, we can ultimately improve the safety culture, which helps the right decisions to be made in the facilities we manage.

We are honoured to receive the top award for Most Innovative Use of Safety Technology by Canada’s Safest Employer at their awards ceremony on October 21st. The award recognizes our innovative solution to near miss / hazard observation reporting in a mobile application that accurately and efficiently tracks them.

We are incredibly proud of our team members who developed and delivered this program and internal teams and partners who participate and help make it a success.

Safety technology is integrated with our work management system, allowing us to proactively manage our clients’ assets in advance of problems and ensure a culture of safety, benefitting our valued clients and BGIS team members.

This award is a testament to how BGIS strives to be a technology-enabled company focused on safety and committed to our customers.