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Strategic asset management services that serve your business better

Your real estate assets will be maximized in terms of efficiency, sustainability and operational integrity using BGIS’s expertise and tools that will help you plan, integrate and implement strategic asset management.

how we work

The framework for better asset management

In today’s ever-changing and dynamic market, your organization needs to constantly look toward the future. With our deep understanding of the real estate market and capital investment trends, combined with our technically-led and innovative approach, BGIS works to help clients maximize their business by:

Realizing cost improvements

Receive improved return on investment and cost reductions without sacrificing short or long term organizational performance by using our strategic asset management system.

Proactive risk management

Make informed management decisions that balance cost, risk and performance. Improve your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness through ongoing review of processes, procedures and asset performance by our team of experts.

Facilitating business growth and performance

Draw upon our innovative and integrated plans to communicate your portfolio’s needs that will improve your assets’ performance.

Enhancing stakeholder confidence

Our services provide clear capital investment strategies to help improve and maintain asset performance and optimal operation.


Maximizing your long-term capital investments

Ensure maximum efficiency of your building’s operations and your business’ long-term capital investment with BGIS’ industry-leading consulting and engineering teams expertise and tools.

  • Building Condition Assessments
  • Virtual Location Surveys
  • Capital Planning & Asset Management Systems
  • Full Commissioning
  • Engineering Design Services
10 8 Building condition assessments

Building Condition Assessments

Make informed decisions to maintain and improve your real estate predictively and proactively. BGIS provides thorough and in-depth assessments of all your major building components in the building to assess its overall condition. Our process is detailed every step of the way and includes planning, site assessments and reporting back to your team.

10 9 Virtual location surveys

Virtual Location Surveys

Get remote access to accurate information and existing real estate conditions in a timely and cost-efficient manner. At BGIS, we provide services to create Virtual Location Surveys (VLS) for our clients. Delivered as a digital file, we include an interactive panorama of the interior space, a digital floor plan of the areas surveyed, a photo gallery of the exterior building elevations, a table of building dimensions, and a location map.

10 10 Capital planning consulting

Capital Planning Consulting

Our capital planning and consulting experts partner with you to provide detailed strategy, budget, project-level support and timelines to bring your vision for your real estate to life. Using current industry technologies to help you manage the pivot to more sustainable and efficient operations, we save our clients time and money along the way.

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David Hewitt, P.Eng., LEED® A.P. Managing Director, Professional Services