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Reliable technicians who care for your assets

Draw upon qualified teams of client-designated and roving technicians who specialize in HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Refrigeration, Fuel/EV Equipment and Handyman services. Our services drive cost savings and sustainable practices by bundling services and reducing truck rolls.

Value Proposition

Efficient, responsive, client-centric service

BGIS technicians are supported with industry-leading mobile technology and 24/7/365 Dispatch Services. With live technician tracking and mapping capabilities, service calls are dispatched to the technician with the right skillset, in the most strategic location, and the ability to meet the required response time. Our safety-first focused, highly responsive and efficient teams are trained to understand the unique needs of each client's environment.

Reliable, expansive coverage

With extensive geographical coverage and teams of technicians who are virtually connected to our 24/7/365 dispatch teams, at BGIS we are always there for you.

Responsive, safety-focused mindset

Our teams of highly responsive technicians are trained with a safety-first mindset. With a “take 2 for safety” culture, our technicians can be relied on to respond quickly and effectively with the right tools and training to get the job done.

Flexible service adapted to your needs

BGIS’s technician services offer flexible delivery models ranging from client-dedicated technician solutions to our truck-based roving technician pool. We customize our approach to meet your unique service needs.

Whether it is your buildings, or your individual assets, we have your business covered

Put your mind at ease knowing that our technicians have the qualifications and extensive experience needed to effectively maintain your buildings and assets.

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Electric Vehicle Charger Services

Our technicians provide a maintenance and repair model with a safety-first focus and an understanding that EV Charger Equipment uptime is a top priority. We support full turnkey design-build solutions for EV Charger installations and offer commissioning services as part of the turn-key solution or as a stand-alone solution for existing EV Chargers.

Maintenance & Repair | Commissioning Services | Turnkey Installations

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Extensive Electrical Service Solutions

With our sustainability-driven electrical service solutions, you can rest assured that your business and its electrical needs are in good hands. Our certified, safety-minded, and experienced technicians approach each service request with a passion for delivering safe and sustainability-focused services.

Lighting Upgrades | Infrared Scanning | On-Call Services & Natural Disaster Response | In-House Permitting Services | Generator Sales & Installation | Controls & Automation | Simplifying the Choice to Make Sustainability a Priority

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Building Services

We take care of the ongoing daily management of your properties, ensuring everything runs optimally. Our in-house teams of technicians drastically reduce downtime by addressing potential problems even before they happen. Our certified HVAC, Refrigeration, Plumbing, Electrical, Door Maintenance and General Handyman technicians always ensure that no matter what we’re taking care of, our work will never interrupt yours.

Maintenance & Repair | Program Roll-Outs | Turnkey Installations

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Fuel Equipment Services

We provide leading maintenance and repair services to retail gas stations and private fueling facilities, including fuel handling equipment, pumps, control systems, point of sale systems, hoists, air compressors, price signs, card-locks, in pump secure payment systems, and other fuel station accessories. Our fuel technicians have the knowledge and expertise required to ensure your facilities comply with all of the relevant environmental, fire, safety and measurement standards for your specific location.

Fuel System Maintenance & Repair | Meter Calibrations | Parts & Equipment Sales | Contract Service

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Peter Grabner, MBA, P. Eng. Senior Vice President, Project Delivery Services