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Delivery of reliable and clean utilities is essential

Through BGIS’s real estate management services, we will maintain your facilities with continuity of service, environmental sustainability and asset integrity… resulting in the best value and outcomes for all.


Delivery of safe, high quality services

Backed by strong technical expertise, your portfolio will be managed using a tested approach that is based on our understanding of your business, your customers, and the needs of the communities for which they serve.

Safety first

Let us support you in creating and fostering a safe and healthy work environment. Using our ISO 45001 registered safety program as the foundation for health and safety, BGIS ensures compliance with Federal and Provincial regulations, takes action to meet regulatory changes, and tracks, reports and shares safety metrics, which safeguards ongoing certification.

Focus on reliable, sustainable, operational efficient facilities

Access our expertise to assess, plan and implement sustainable practices, resulting in operational efficiency, promoting risk mitigation, driving innovation and supporting ongoing day-to-day facility management.


All-inclusive services fully support your needs

Take advantage of our full spectrum of services to manage all aspects of your real estate.

Life Cycle Mtnce

Life-cycle maintenance program

Deploy our industry-leading program to decrease maintenance, reduce life-cycle costs, and increase equipment availability. Our engineering team uses industry best practices to optimize the maintenance requirements of each system and asset type.

Captail Asset Mgmt

Capital Planning and Asset Management

Develop a comprehensive capital plan leveraging in-field data to validate the physical condition of building assets and evaluate against operational criticality. Through BGIS’s data-rich methodology, investment requirements are justified and prioritized for both short and long term capital planning … ensuring every dollar invested within your real estate portfolio is maximized.

Sustainable facilities

Innovative, sustainable facilities

A flexible service delivery model that drives innovation is essential to meet your current and future strategic goals. Through the delivery of our sustainable real estate management solutions, your facilities will be able to adapt to business changes today and over time, with less of an impact on the environment.