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Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 BGIS Global Supplier Innovation Awards!


Congratulations to our winners!

We appreciate all our suppliers who showcased their thought leadership and innovation for the purpose of improving economic, social, and environmental sustainability for BGIS and our clients.

It’s truly inspiring to see all the sustainability initiatives that are underway! This year we received over 60 submissions globally (from North America, Asia-Pacific and UK/Europe). An evaluation committee comprised of sustainability and supply chain experts evaluated each submission based on their innovative and sustainable contribution as well as the impact on operational efficiency and operating cost savings.

The 2023 Global Supplier Innovation Award Winners are:

Autoflame Service & Support

(U.K. / E.U.)


  • Intelligent Boiler Sequencing introduced to optimize performance & to improve boiler longevity
  • Reduce fuel consumption by 15% and reduce overall emissions by 30%

Main Facilities PTY Ltd



  • Saving lives through better communication - Voice and audio, AI-enabled system that speaks and listens to workers of cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Remove language barriers - Allows workers to complete audits, checklists, surveys & inspections, with voice. Converts the results into a PDF in the worker’s chosen language

DVM Industries (North America)


  • Service delivery monitoring & planning platform - Allows delivery of asset data and service delivery validation to customers – streamlines compliance inspections, documentation, before & after photos and more
  • Real-time inclement weather management - Ability to view Client sites and forecasted weather to proactively dispatch notifications ahead of inclement weather using multiple weather integrations.

Trane Technologies (North America)


  • Reduce carbon and natural gas emissions - Installation of multiple heat pump rooftop units across financial institutions
  • Differentiates through expertise for this specific technology - Expertise in utilization in the marketplace, as well as future innovations around the solution.

We would also like to extend our congratulations to the Honourable Mentions who receive special recognition for Innovative Solutions and Circular Economy:


Recycle products considered non-recyclable through traditional recycling, and turn them into recycled raw materials that are used to create new recyclable products


Take Ocean Bound Plastics (OBP) collected in Haiti and use them to manufactures HP printer cartridges providing a closed-loop recycling program


Provide on-site monitoring o

f Legionella pneumophila, providing testing results within 4 hours. Technology reduces water usage, chemical and energy consumption.


Hammerglass replacement to existing storefront window / door glass. Unbreakable glass alternative, providing extreme security and clarity


AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform - analyzes all water usage and flags unusual flow. Reduces wasted water by responding to water leak alerts, preventing water damage

Your next challenge…

As a BGIS strategic vendor, we invite (and challenge) you to continue developing innovative programs and provide us with at least one innovation submission for the next BGIS Global Supplier Innovation Awards.

We look forward to continuing our partnership in support of our mutual clients.

Thank you once again for submitting your innovations to the 2023 BGIS Global Supplier Innovation Awards and contributing to the success of the initiative.

We hope you enjoyed the 2023 An Inspired Future event, now in its 9th year!

Once again congratulations to all the winners and honourable mentions!

BGIS Global Supplier Innovation Awards Team