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Sustainability and Social Responsibility

One of BGIS’s core values, Living Sustainably, focuses on integrating social and environmental responsibility into all our operations. This value, combined with our dedication to integrity, a culture of caring and a passion for innovation, drives our commitment to Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

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Sustainability and Social Responsibility are at the heart of everything we do

BGIS continues to be an industry role model in sustainable operating practices and portfolio strategy in the provision of Facility Management Services. We are an organisation that cares about the communities we operate in, the clients we serve, and the people and vendors we engage with.

Environmental, Social, and Governance

BGIS’s 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report illustrates how our core values shape the way we conduct business with our customers. The report addresses the activities of BGIS’s global operations and replaces previous Corporate Sustainability Reports.

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At BGIS, we believe sustainable operating practices are vital to assist the global effort to mitigate climate change. We work hard to implement technologies and programs throughout our business that promote environmental awareness, reduce resource consumption, and drive significant cost reductions in our clients’ real estate portfolios. We act as advocates to protect and preserve the environment, both in our services to clients and in our own operations.
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Social Responsibility

BGIS prides itself on being a steward of corporate social responsibility by hosting charitable initiatives and raising awareness as leaders within the community. We aspire to use our capabilities and influence to bring about positive change. Our commitment to sustainability is matched by our commitment to the communities around us. Even during times of strife, BGIS and our team members continue to demonstrate generosity and kindness in their communities.

Energy Sustainabiility

Sustainability and Energy

To make your real estate truly sustainable, strategies are needed to use less energy and water, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and lessen the impact of your portfolio on the planet. Turning these plans into reality is also fundamental, yet even more challenging. BGIS takes an operational view when we integrate energy and sustainability into the development and execution of your strategy. Our engineering-focused expertise coordinates with on-site personnel to integrate energy and sustainability into every real estate activity – from developing capital plans and implementing projects to delivering day-to-day services.

Well Being Program

Well-Being Champions Committee

The Well-Being Champions Committee includes a cross-section of team members from diverse backgrounds and different departments. The committee is responsible for assessing policies, activities, and programs in the workplace, examining team members' areas of interest and needs, planning and organising health promotional programs and activities, and seeking to measure and track the success of these initiatives. In summary, the committee builds the organisational support and efficiency for the Well-Being program. Ambassadors will support national and regional initiatives considering each region has its own unique needs and desires.