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Student-First Approach

As leaders in the education community, you strive to ensure the student experience supports their learning objectives while also operating facilities optimally in keeping with fiscal and sustainability mandates. Through BGIS's services, these needs will be balanced effectively, achieving the best value.


Supporting an environment of learning

Have the confidence that your properties and facilities are managed using an established approach that is based on BGIS’s in-depth understanding of students, faculty and community needs.

Supporting students as they transition to the workforce

Through internships, speakerships, facility tours and other integrated projects, we assist educational faculty in the development of students by providing experiential, hands-on opportunities to close the classroom-to-workforce gap.

Focus on sustainable, operationally efficient campus facilities

By leveraging our expertise, we’ll assist you in assessing, planning and implementing strategies to incorporate sustainable practices that result in operational efficiency, drive innovation and support the ongoing day-to-day management of facilities.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff support

Stakeholder engagement is critical to BGIS. As a vehicle to support faculty and staff, we use stakeholder engagement to ensure our services provide a quality teaching/learning environment, with expectations continually being met and exceeded. Communication of progress, challenges and performance assists us in refining services and identifying innovations that support your direction and ensure ongoing goal alignment.

Eco Building

Innovative, sustainable campus facilities

A flexible service delivery model that drives innovation is essential to meet the needs of future strategic changes within your programs. Through the delivery of our sustainable real estate management solutions, you can be confident that your facilities will meet the educational requirements of students, faculty and the community today and into the future.