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One Team Ethos

Our commitment is built on a partnership approach with our customers, continuing to work together as ‘One Team’ to ensure the sustainable delivery of consistent service and the highest standards always.

Value Proposition

Service Excellence

Innovative solutions that deliver industry best practice and statutory compliance at the most optimal cost.

30+ Years of Experience

Our history as a family-run organisation that has the global backing of the BGIS corporation enriches all aspects of our delivery. This enables us to provide our clients with a truly local, global approach.

Our Model

Strategically, our organisation has been mapped around the core requirements of our clients – ensuring that they always have access to a team that has intricate knowledge of their key requirements and nuances of their portfolios.

Client-Centred Innovative Solutions

Providing best in industry innovative solutions, we work closely with our clients to deliver dedicated, on-site expertise aligned to client-specific goals.

Corporate Buildings1


Get help to support the various stakeholder groups that occupy the corporate space within your real estate portfolio. As you continuously evolve to support the optimal customer experience and operational model, BGIS provides you with innovative and leading solutions. Our team has the expertise to drive the benefits of savings and integrate systems that match your purpose the best.