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Sustainable Office Decomissioning


With the entire world rethinking their workplace….... what do we do with all of the old furniture and work tools of the past?

BGIS Team Members on the Public Sector Client Account developed a comprehensive and sustainable approach to decommissioning old office furniture and materials.

The Issue
  • Many organizations are working to modernize their work environments flooding an already saturated used furniture market.
  • The Covid-19 Pandemic is accelerating these efforts as companies work to adapt to new workforce expectations.
  • Traditionally furniture items end up in the landfill as they cannot be recycled as whole units
The Solution
  • Through a systematic approach to decommissioning that includes redeployment, resale, donation and deconstruction to enable recycling of components and materials.
  • Our process includes detailed tracking and the use of certified recyclers to provide detailed line of sight and accurate reporting.
  • By addressing all material and breaking them down into the components we achieve the highest possible landfill diversion rates.
  • We ensure accurate and detailed sorting of metals: Clean & “Dirty”
  • Lateral files, storage cabinets and overhead storage bins are clean metal

Furniture and Equipment are separated into components

  • Work Surfaces: Plastic edge banding is removed from work surfaces and sent for recycling, wood surfaces sent for shredding and incineration
  • Task Lights: Plastic for recycle, Bulbs hazardous waste, 9 ft. Cord and the main frame
  • Hanging Folders & Binders: Metal is separated from cardboard ad plastic components
Pilot Program
  • The initial pilot project identified a 20% savings compared to the traditional approach
  • Significant increase in diversion rates
  • Benefits to charities, schools and other local organizations
  • We also think … it is simply the right thing to do!

Total furniture waste diverted to date across active and completed projects is 1014.98 tons.