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Connect people to your vision and culture through the workplace

Adapt your workplace to achieve your business goals and increase productivity using our multifaceted expertise. And after you are up and running, our workplace team stays with you, providing a workplace program that continues to connect people with your brand.


Ongoing access to best practices & thought leadership

As your partner we’ll share transformative insights into the latest workplace trends and best practices to benefit your business. Our knowledge leaders leverage over 30 years of experience in workplace advisory, change management, space planning, occupancy analytics and interior design. We share best practices, innovations and improvements to create out-of-the-box solutions that deliver tangible results.

Effective environments that suit short and long term needs

We’ll help your workplaces achieve their true potential by creating flexible and resilient workplace solutions to accommodate the fluidity of your business now and in the future, all while minimizing costs and carbon footprint.

Integrated support with an overall workplace-as-a-program solution that focuses on people

After initial occupancy, we analyze the effectiveness of the workplace and support your people as they interact with spaces, services and technology. By applying a change management framework, we adapt your workplace program to ensure optimization and a great place to work.


Enable your workplace to provide extraordinary experiences

New ways of working call for creative solutions that meet your organization’s evolving needs. Our consultative approach leads you through the process of transforming your workplace to achieve your vision.

  • Drawing & Occupancy Management
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Space Planning & Interior Design
  • Change Management
  • Workplace Ambassador & Concierge Services, Move Management
  • Workplace Technology Consulting - including Internet of Things (IoT), Reservation Tools and Workplace Management software

Updated drawing & occupancy information at your fingertips

Thanks to easy access and up-to-date information, you’ll understand how much space you have, where it is, how it’s used and how well it is meeting your goals. With one source of truth, you will be able to make informed decisions affecting your real estate portfolio. Our management approach ensures accuracy and timeliness in service delivery, using drawing and occupancy management standards and practices that drive consistency in data and delivery.

Secure, digital drawing repository | Drawing version control and organization | Occupancy Planning | Space allocation | Workplace analytics & reporting | Site audits & updates


Concierge approach to workplace experience

Any change in the workplace can be an unsettling experience for your people. In BGIS’s experience, the key to sustainable change is offering a
people-centered “concierge” approach to the workplace experience. We ensure that change is seamless by supporting employees with day-to-day activities that enhance their experience and productivity within the workplace.

Reception | Operation of technology | Meeting room set-up/breakdown | Meeting reservations | Way-finding | Housekeeping | Ordering of office supplies | Courier delivery & receipt

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Alison Spence Vice President, Workplace Solutions