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Focus on your retail operations

Take advantage of BGIS’s experience in providing turnkey technical services to distributed retail locations that result in cost savings, reduced timelines, and improved quality of services. As a trusted service partner that upholds your brand, our in-house experts will take care of your requests without risk to your operations.


Delivery of next-generation performance

With BGIS’s turnkey approach, you’ll have 24/7/365 access to multi-trade technicians who provide multiple services - all during a single visit to your location. We also bundle your service calls, resulting in fewer trucks on the roads. By using mobile tools, our technicians efficiently collect asset data, which helps make the best decisions for investments needed, now and in the future. Customer experiences, employee satisfaction, quality assurance, and cost-effectiveness will all be improved.

Data analytics aid informed decision-making

With over 3,000 facilities connected to our Global BGIS Remote Command Center (RCC), BGIS has embraced the remote operation of our clients' connected facilities …including retail locations. Through measurement, analysis, and diagnostics of building automation systems, the performance of assets is enhanced, and insights emerge that help make informed decisions for building operation improvements, such as reduced costs and energy consumption.

Smart Retail Controls Program

In collaboration with our partners, BGIS has developed a smart building controls platform that allows for real-time monitoring and control of a building’s HVAC and lighting systems. Alerts, warnings, and optimization measures are proactively responded to by the RCC. Proven results include savings in energy costs and a reduction in using onsite resources due to the triage, analysis, and resolution of issues; all handled remotely.


Enhance your retail operations and experience

BGIS provides a full spectrum of services with customizable delivery to enhance your retail portfolio and improve customer satisfaction.


Sustainability in action for your business

By combining our knowledge of your retail portfolio with industry expertise, our energy and sustainability team will develop sustainability strategies and roadmaps for renewable energy solutions, reduction of your environmental footprint, and support your ESG reporting. Services include utility data management, energy management, energy procurement, sustainability certifications, environmental reporting, sustainability consulting, net-zero carbon analysis, waste management services, waste audits, and environmental compliance monitoring.


Technical Services

Using our in-house technicians to take care of your building maintenance and repairs at your retail locations will save you money and increase customer and employee satisfaction. That’s because BGIS’s team is made up of a large network of technical trades and specialists that can handle any challenge with faster response times and lower costs for you. If it makes sense to subcontract services, we closely manage each subcontractor’s performance, leveraging the expertise, infrastructure and processes we’ve developed by performing this work at thousands of locations ourselves. With 24/7/365 customer service, we’re available
anytime to take care of any facility problems that arise without interrupting your business.


BGIS Direct

Take advantage of BGIS’s procurement leverage through BGIS Direct for smaller and low complexity projects. BGIS Direct is a construction service where we directly perform the design and construction of projects to drive cost savings and reduce timelines. We use a hands-on approach by providing the take-offs, ordering the materials, and coordinating the delivery requirements.