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Global Reach. Local Focus.

With a global reach and a local focus, BGIS offers innovative and integrated solutions designed to create sustainable value for our clients and communities.

Facility Management

Your real estate portfolio will be optimized by BGIS’s facility management services that boost efficiency and profitability. Our professionals ensure your teams can work comfortably and safely without delays or interruptions. Accountable and responsive, we help your business to excel with comprehensive and leading-edge solutions.

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Project Delivery Services

Have your real estate projects smoothly implemented and transitioned from initiation to completion, bringing your vision to life. With proven project expertise, we deliver high-quality outcomes on schedule and within budget while building authentic partnerships with our clients.

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Critical Environments

Optimize the performance of your critical operations by tapping into the broadest range of critical environment solutions available in the real estate industry. Our engineers, facility managers, and technicians will monitor and maintain your working environments to ensure safety while mitigating risks before an impact on the business occurs.

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Energy & Sustainability

Reduce energy usage and the environmental impact of your facilities through the application of BGIS’s sustainable practices and energy-efficiency strategies. We work relentlessly to implement sustainability throughout our business by promoting environmental awareness and conservation in everything we do.

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Strategic Asset Management

Maximize your real estate assets’ efficiency, sustainability, and operational integrity. Our professionals conduct building condition assessments, virtual location surveys, and capital planning consulting that supports your buildings’ efficiency and your business’s long-term sustainability.

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Technical Services

Your buildings and assets will benefit from the care and expertise that comes with the technical services provided by BGIS. Our flexible teams of qualified technicians are always ready to respond to your needs with a commitment to making safety a priority and the drive to find efficient ways to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Real Estate Services

Get expert support to control costs, maximize revenue and achieve your current and future real estate strategic objectives from our multidisciplinary team of real estate representatives, lease specialists, auditors, and brokers.

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Workplace Solutions

Maximize the potential of your greatest asset - your people. At BGIS, we implement inspirational workplace solutions to increase engagement, optimize space usage and create a flexible workplace that supports your business needs as they evolve. After implementation, our team stays with you, providing a workplace program that supports your people, culture, and brand.

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Who We Are

Technically-led real estate management

We are a leading, technically-led real estate management services company that thinks differently about creating better opportunities for the world around us. With an entrepreneurial spirit, we work in partnership with our clients to bring forth success through innovative ideas and solutions that deliver real results and drive their business ambitions forward.

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