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Ensure that your real estate assets are working for you

Leverage BGIS’s technically-focused expertise in maintaining all types of facilities to ensure your assets operate with superior performance. Our strong track record results in solutions that your business requires and offers the flexibility to adapt and continually support your ever-changing needs.


A partner that you can rely on

Backed by strong technical expertise and a passion for innovation, we deliver services that ensure your business stays up and running, so your assets work for you and the people in your buildings are happy.

Business continuity, asset integrity, positive customer experience

Receive high-quality and reliable services from our self-performing technical teams and through the management of our strategic partners for the best and highest use locally.

Flexible delivery structure that supports change

Our services are mature, built for continuous support with an engineering focus, using proven technology and processes that are scalable to adapt to changes in your business needs.

Solid financial, procurement, and governance capabilities realize efficiencies to lower costs

Enhance your understanding of your real estate costs and take actions that affect your spending and efficiencies based on the support provided by our procurement and financial teams that embed strong controls and transparency into their services.


Tailored services that support your goals and prepare you for the future

BGIS’s Facilities Management Services delivers carefully orchestrated real estate operations that drive profitability and innovation in alignment with your business strategy.

  • Building Operations & Maintenance Management
  • Building Automation & Remote Connectivity
  • Procurement & Contracted Building Services
  • Financial Management & Reporting
  • Front of House Services
  • Public & Private Partnerships (P3)
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Building Operations & Maintenance Management

When you engage BGIS, you’ll receive an integrated service solution that spans from creating an overall maintenance strategy to provision of maintenance and operations services using in-house experts, enabled by proven technology systems. End-to-end services help inform and support your overarching business strategies. And you’ll also benefit from our proven approaches that mitigate risks, optimize asset life cycles, and aim to reduce the costs of your real estate operations.

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Building Automation & Remote Connectivity

BGIS’s Remote Command Center keeps essential spaces up and running by providing 24/7 monitoring and support using a combination of our engineering expertise and building automation technology. In addition to monitoring systems, we can also remotely make changes to systems and set-points. This enables us to quickly address issues before they become a bigger problem. The management of systems through measurement, analysis, and diagnostics will also enhance the performance of your assets and provide insights to help make informed decisions for building operation improvements, such as reduced costs and energy consumption.

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Front of House Services

To provide a positive and ultimate experience to people using your buildings, you need a strong support team to help you develop good relationships and deliver a great impression. With our versatile Front of House Services, we help protect your brand and ensure your customers and employees have positive, memorable experiences each and every day. BGIS’s Workplace Ambassadors deliver high-quality, high-touch concierge services, ranging from supporting new hires as they get to know their new workplace to supporting visitors and employees during their day-to-day experiences.

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Public & Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships require the provision of whole life cycle solutions and long-term operations and maintenance of facilities, typically 24/7/365. We deliver these solutions and services within high-profile public facilities, including healthcare facilities, data centers, courthouses, detention centers, and public performance spaces. Our teams are actively involved in the design and construction of a new facility and through the transition into ongoing facility management. Bolstered by our best practices and extensive experience within our company, our teams also provide asset management, energy management, and project delivery services.

Our Experts

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Brian Drewett Vice President, Facility Management Office NA
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Jeff Krause, P.Eng, LEED GA Vice President, Facility Management Services and Critical Environments