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Ensure that your real estate plans align with your goals

Leverage BGIS’s team of experienced professionals, with expertise in providing a full suite of real estate services including brokerage, lease administration, audit and property management. Our proven solutions provide a unique approach that will support your overall business strategies and goals. BGIS’s team offers the flexibility and adaptability to align with your ever changing needs.

value proposition

A long-term and committed partner

Our multi-disciplinary specialists work as a team to manage and oversee your real estate portfolio. Always with their finger on the pulse of the market, uncovering cost savings opportunities that support your current and future real estate needs.

A business model that consistently aligns with your needs

High-quality and reliable services from our best-in-class broker model for brokerage, through in-house experts and reliable broker partnerships. No matter the market, we support your goals.

Fully integrated services that are efficient and insightful

Through cohesive delivery of all services, you will receive positive outcomes with cost efficiencies wherever possible. From property management to lease administration, we work together to deliver a solution that is optimal to meet all aspects of your real estate and facility needs.

We pride ourselves on long-term and committed partnerships

BGIS is your trusted partner. We want to be part of your growth and success and contribute to it however we can. As we are relationship-based and not transaction- based, we are focused on helping you find ways to achieve your overall business goals.


Tailored and future-proof solutions to support your overall business goals

BGIS’s real estate services enable you to effectively manage your largest assets, delivering revenue maximization and a real estate portfolio that continues to align with any direction your business goes.

  • Real Estate Transaction & Advisory Services (Brokerage)
  • Lease Administration
  • Lease Audit
  • Lease Documentation Services
  • Property Management

Real Estate Transaction & Advisory Services (Brokerage)

When you engage BGIS, you will work with a team that is actively engaged in the market, on top of trends and adaptable to ever-changing needs. You will also receive a full service solution that includes acquisitions, dispositions and relocations, lease and transaction negotiations and the full documentation support to back these activities. You’ll receive a solution that supports your overall real estate strategy and helps you plan for the future. These activities are not stand alone but rather integral parts of our clients’ holistic real estate strategies.
Lease Admin

Lease Administration

In an ever changing and unpredictable world, the management of expenditures and revenues of your real estate assets is paramount. BGIS’s skilled team of lease professionals manages your leases while allowing you to focus on what is important, your core business. BGIS’s specialists are relentlessly working to minimize your real estate costs, by using centralized leading-edge best practices, processes and procedures, software, documentation and BI reporting. BGIS will provide you with the synthesized information you need to inform your overall real estate strategy to be prepared for anything.
Lease Audit

Lease Audit

Right in line with our mission to minimize your costs, BGIS’s lease audit team works tirelessly to examine your highly detailed and complex lease agreements, look for landlord overcharges and mistakes and any savings opportunities. Our team of skilled professionals has achieved millions in cost recoveries for our clients using proprietary software tools to audit leases of all sizes and complexities. BGIS will bring our expertise, tools and industry knowledge to optimize your leases time and time again.
Property Mgmt

Property Management

BGIS is driven to enable the optimal value for your real estate assets. This means offering a full suite of property management services including tenant relations and retention, accounting and budgeting, transactions and rent collection, as well as operational services including maintenance and project management. These services form part of BGIS’s core expertise and we leverage our global scale, experience and industry leadership to continually deliver comprehensive services to meet your needs today and in the future.